Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My ribbons and a near drowning

We'll start with the yucky stuff to get it out of the way. Sunday we went to a friend's house and went swimming. Cade wanted to go down the rock slide so he put on his arm floaties and went. I waited at the bottom to make sure he was alright. (Note--it was deep...I couldn't touch the bottom.) Anyway, he came down, went under but then popped right back up because of the floaties. He looked a little worried and was calling for me so I had this lame brained idea to hold him so that he would feel safe and then I would swim back with him to where we could both reach the bottom. Yeah. He freaked and pulled my hair and climbed on top of my head. :( I couldn't get my head above water. Finally I got up for a second and yelled for help. Someone swam over and grabbed him and I was able to catch my breath. It was so scray; I really thought I was going to drown. My chest hurt so bad from holding my breath and fighting for air. Ugh. But praise God we're all still alive and fine!

So on to better things, prettier things. I think I have the most talented friends! I'm doing a ribbon swap with 2 friends before I move. They already gave me the ones they made for me...I need to get busy on theirs! Really, these things are gorgeous. No pressure for me to crank out some fab ribbons, right?! lol The first one is from Maria (www.the junkkdrawer.blogspot.com) and the second is from Monica (www.monicaanderson.blogspot.com)

Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? I'm very lucky!

I altered a barn star awhile back. I got the idea from Sande Krieger.

I think it's really cute for a boy's room. When we move I plan on putting it in Cade's room. I just need to figure out how to incorporate it without it looking to baby-ish. Cause you know it just ain't cool to be baby-ish when you're 5...and a half! lol I think altered barn stars would be nice in a bathroom as well. Hmmm...something to think about making soon. There pretty quick to make, too.

Alright, that's it for today. Have a good one!


Monica said...

I am telling you that was just a bad day all around and we need to stay home next year for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,
Thanks so much for visiting my new blog...it's lovely to meet you!!

Wow, what a day you had on Sunday. Sounds like it was a bit scarey...thank goodness that you are all ok!!

Catch up with you again soon.
Kathy :)

Karmyn R said...

Yikes - that was a scary day in the pool.

You are very crafty with those ribbons and stars. Very nice.

Dreaming What ifs...

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Kristen,
Thank goodness you and Cade are ok and that it was a scare and not a tragedy, I bet it felt awful...

Love the ribbons you received, Monica and Maria are so talented aren't they.

Take care,
Natasha : )

Anonymous said...

O'mgosh, loving those ribbons and that barnstar! Very genius!

Sadie Olive said...

Thanks for the visit. :) I love what you did with the barn star, and the ribbons you received are gorgeous!

I've had a similar almost-drowning experience and I know how scary it can be, thank goodness you are both ok.