Monday, July 16, 2007

Time and Happiness

Two things I work hard to find! Today's Motivation for Moms says "Give time to your children each day. The time you give makes the words you speak of more value to them." So true. So today I spent lots of time playing trains with Cade. Well, he didn't let me actually play. More like he directed and I did as told! He thinks it's great when I put "obstacles" on the train tracks. Then he makes the trains run them over. I get to sit and watch and then laugh with him when his trains succeed. That's what it's all about, right? Laughing together. Plus he's cute. And cute kids always get their way!

Told you he was cute! :)

So, the happiness part. It's been rough for the past month. My childhood friend died a tragic, senseless, stupid death. And then we decided to move. I'm very excited to move...I just don't look forward to all the yuckiness that comes with it. The packing and driving and getting settled in and finding a school for Cade and finding therapy and Jeff finding a new job. Ugh. But...and that's a big will be so worth it! Anyway, today was a typical Monday, kind of boring. I did do a couple of things that made me happy. I finished sewing my last apron. I think it turned out cute but it was obviously made without a pattern. I just free-handed it so it isn't very professional looking. I think my next sewing project will be pajama pants. Just trying to decide if I should buy a pattern or if I should just deconstruct a pair that I already have and use them to make a pattern. I also took pictures of my accordian fold "happiness" flowers. They're way cute!

Time to go hang with the hubby. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Your son, your apron AND the flowers are just adorable!

karin said...

I LOVE the apron! The color combo is perfect! And your son is adorable....those darn cute kids always getting their way! :)