Tuesday, April 29, 2008

She's Crafty

Remember that Beastie Boys song? She's craf-tay (that's me singing). Except I don't think they meant crafty as in making cute crafts. And that's the kind of crafty I'm talking about. I'm feeling crafty again! Yay! I'm so excited. lol I haven't had the desire to create anything in a long time. Months. But now it's back. I signed up with Mary Kay and I'm having my "debut" party in May. I've decided to make all the invitations, centerpieces, treats and favors myself. I want everything to be pink and super froo-froo girly. The theme will be a pampering party for our inner "princesses". Each lady will get her very own rice crispy princess wand! lol I was inspired by Dena over at Sugar Shop (link in my sidebar). She made these adorable rice crispy lollipops with sprinkles. I plan on making some that are star shaped and on long dowels rather than lollipop sticks. Oh, and mine will have pink sprinkles and a pretty ribbon around the stick. Here's a picture of Dena's:

Aren't they so stinkin' cute? Love them!

I've also been totally inspired by Heather Bailey (once again, link over in my sidebar). She has a tutorial on her blog for these awesome paper globes. I've made one and plan on making a couple others for centerpieces. Here's a picture of the ones from Heather's tutorial:

So anyway, as I get stuff made I'll take pictures and post them. I'm going to put together a rough draft invitation today. I'm thinking a pink font with sheer black ribbon with white polka dots. Hmmm...maybe a little princess crown with some bling. We'll see!


bluemuf said...

Kristin, these paper globe are wonderful. I will check out the tutorial.


Monica said...

cute stuff MISS CRAFTY!!!!