Thursday, May 1, 2008

Takin' it back

So Miss Jessi of Scrappy Jessi has organized a "Favorite Childhood Toy Party"! I don't have any of my childhood photos here with me but I found quite a few old favs online. So let's begin...

Get In Shape Girl. I remember wearing the sweatband and leg warmers and jumping rope.

Garbage Pail Kids. I had stacks of these things. They were so gross! And I used to chew the rock hard stick of gum that came in the packs. That's even grosser! lol

I loved that could make my Moncchichi suck his thumb! I sucked my thumb til I was 5 (finally broke that habit when the school nurse told me I could get buck teeth if I didn't quit).

Baby Alive. Do yall remember this one? She came with these little packets of food that were this colored powder that you mixed with water. Then you would feed this stuff to her. A bit later she would, ahem...pee and/or poop this stuff out into her diaper. And that's not the end of it. This "food" was red, green and yellow. So that was the color of her "movements"! lol

Oh! Poochie! I loved her! She was so pretty! I had the Poochie doll, a stamp, stationary and stickers. The paper was pink and the stamp was purple. It all came in the hard pink case. I think it was heart shaped.

Pound puppies. I had a few of these. I liked how they just kind of laid there all flat and stuff. I remember one of mine was brown and he had long floppy ears.

Now the rest of these are cartoons that I watched and had the toys for. First, Rainbow Brite! I had her and her horse and the blue furry guy (can't remember his name). The blue furry guy was my favorite. I used to love to poke on his red nose and make it concave! lol

Jem and the Holograms. They rocked. I actually like The Misfits (the bad girl group) better than Jem and her posse. I had the Roxy doll ( a bad girl) and my neighbors had Jem and the yellow hair girl (the lead singer of the Misfits).

Ahh, Fraggle Rock! I really loved this show. Remember those little things would work so hard to build the city under the ground and then somebody would take a big bite of it? My mmory is really fuzzy on this one. My favs were Wimbly and Red. And who was the big guy who liked the Fraggles (would he talk to them at a well???) but his parents would freak when they saw a Fraggle? Down in Fraggle Rock! clap clap

And the lst one for the day. Gummi Bears. Gummi bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere! They would drink the gummi berry juice and then start bouncing real high.

Thanks for coming down memory lane with me. It makes me wonder toys my son will be reminiscing about when he's 30. That was fun!


Rosa said...

These are all great toys you played with. Poochie is just so cute!
Take care,

Scrappy Jessi said...

i remeber so many of these toys!!
that monkey doll. i remeber it had that goofy song. so funny!
im glad you could find so many great pics!
thanks for coming to my party

Mya said...

Oh, what cute stuff. I remember most of them. How fun.

Lolly said...

Oh my gosh...I forgot about Monchichhi...I still have a small little plastic figurine on a shelf in my studio! This is so fun checking everyone's blogs and remembering things that I had forgotten!

http:/ said...

Fun to see your toys. I remember I would not allow my children to get the Garbage Pail Kids- Looks so harmless in light of what is out there now :)

Lori said...

Yep, bought my daughter Poochie and she even had a family of Monchichi's!!! Thanks for posten! Come visit,Lori

Stephanie said...

What special memories ~ thanks so much for sharing! My daughter has almost all the same toys that you had. She's 28 now! I had forgotten about her little Monchichi & her Poochie. She was even Poochie one Halloween!

Please stop & visit my toys when you get a chance ~ I have so many that I had to do TWO posts!

Angelic Accents

bluemuf said...

Great toys. I love Poochie, I had never seen one before.


mendytexas said...

GREAT toys! "Monchichi Monchichi, Oh so soft and cuddley..." hehehe!

bluemuf said...

Hi Kristin, thanks for visiting. the roller skate key was used to tighten the little clamps that attached to your shoe. We all wore oxford type shoes back then.


Sherry said...

I remember those Garbage Pail Kids. How funny! I loved the Munchichi's! I never had one but I always thought they were so cute!

fated follies studio said...

we are surely of the same era. i love the toys you shared, they are awesome. garbage pail kids, haha, that is so funny!


Sherry/Cherie said...

You have so many fond memories of your toys and I agree with what you said..what will our children remember fondly about their toys when they look back?

Alisa said...

Ahh, Fraggle Rock was the BEST!! Love that show so much! Thanks for sharing.

Monica said...

Omg we have a book full of garbage pail cards that were Jas too funny. I never had any of those , but man did i have some pound puppies and rainbow brite stuff!

B said...

Oh my goodness! I totally remember Poochie!